Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Upcoming SFPUG Live Streams: Crontabber and JSONB

Apparently June is the month for hackers named Peter with difficult-to-spell last names.  Join us for two live streams of two different Peters giving two different PostgreSQL presentations.

First, on June 10th, we'll have Peter Bengtsson of Mozilla presenting Crontabber, a network-wide scheduled job manager written in Python and PostgreSQL.  Tune in on Air Mozilla at around 7:15pm PDT to watch this.

Second, on June 23rd, Peter Geoghegan of Heroku will do a "JSONB Deep Dive" and explain the features and internals of the new JSONB type.   Subscribe to the Google Event to be linked into the Google Hangout when this goes live around 7:15PM PDT.

See you there!

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