Friday, June 13, 2014

Pending Portland Postgres Presentations

This year is apparently my year to spend most of my time in Portland.  Maybe I should move there ;-)  Please read through if you are in Portland or are attending conferences in Portland for a list PostgreSQL-related events there.

O'Reilly OSCON 2014: on Monday, July 21st, I will be presenting The Accidental DBA again at OSCON.  O'Reilly has asked me to reprise this tutorial as it was sold out last year.  This tutorial covers the care and feeding of a PostgreSQL server for people whose main job is something else, or for those new to database administration.  Will include multiple hands-on exercises using Vagrant on your own laptop.  The exercises are on github, but will be updated on or before July 10th in order to cover 9.3 and feedback from the last talk.

Note that there will also be a special PDXPUG meeting or BOF at OSCON; details TBD.  I will also be doing an Office Hours session at OSCON on July 22nd at 3:20 PM; please bring your questions about PostgreSQL scalability and replication.

I am likely to be speaking at in September.  As the Call for Presentations is still open, I don't know what it will be about, or have confirmation that I will, in fact, be speaking.

Right between and FOSS4G, PDXPUG will be hosting a full PostgreSQL Day at Portland State University on September 6.  This event is free, so if you are going to either DjangoCon or FOSS4G, extend your stay in Portland in order to attend!  RSVP required.

People are still submitting presentations for that; if you're interested in speaking, contact Mark per the wiki page.  I expect to be talking about 9.4, replication, or maybe Postgres on Amazon.

Finally, at FOSS4G, I will be doing a full day of Postgres/PostGIS workshops.  In the morning I will do Accidental DBA again, this time tailored for PostGIS administrators.  In the afternoon, I will do a hands-on "learning to do PostGIS replication" tutorial.  This does mean that I will likely not include much about replication in the morning session.  Both of these workshops are "bring your own device", which means that you will need to install the tutorial materials on your laptop in advance.

Since I will be spending the first half of September in Portland.  If you or your company is interested in onsite training or consulting during September, please get in touch with PGX.

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