Thursday, June 27, 2013

Salesforce, PostgreSQL and Bruce Momjian

Given Bruce's blog post today, I wanted to make a few things clear which might not be at all clear to folks outside our project:
  1. Bruce is indulging in personal speculation, not speaking for the core team.
  2. Bruce is not one of the core team members who deals with Salesforce, so he has no knowledge of their plans, strategy, or expected contributions to PostgreSQL.
In other words, Bruce's entire post is pure speculation, without any inside knowledge of any kind.

Unfortunately, the members of our team who do deal with Salesforce regularly are prohibited by NDA from discussing what their plans might be.


  1. Yep, I have no inside knowledge, and obviously I wouldn't be posting that even if I had it.

  2. Bruce's blog doesn't allow for comments, so I'll post my own speculations here:

    1) Salesforce isn't ready for any kind of migration at this point and needed to renew their agreement. Oracle took this opportunity to make them take a 9 years pledge (or face a price hike to sticker price).

    2) Salesforce does want to start using Postgres for its cloud or some secret (future) new service, and hasn't planned to migrate its core business to Postgres (at least short- to mid-term). The leverage in negotiation with Oracle is just an added bonus.

    I have also no inside knowledge, but I think Josh would agree with me that we should give Salesforce the benefit of the doubt (at least for a while) and trust Tom. If Salesforce fund XYZ persons to work on Postgres, that's a good thing, even if they're not migrating their core business to it (yet :P).

  3. Someone else has commented on my blog entry, so I am unclear why you couldn't add a comment there.

  4. I found the explanation: comments on your site seem to be broken on Chrome.

  5. If you use Adblock Plus (any browser/OS, so far as I know), you have to disable and reload if a blogger blog uses in-line comments. Pop-up comments aren't affected, last time I tried it from mine.