Sunday, June 16, 2013

9.4 Commitfest 1 Has Begun!

The first CommitFest for version 9.4 of PostgreSQL has started, and we have an inspiring list of new features, in 98 patches, ready to be reviewed.  Which means we need you to help review them!  Among the pending patches are:
Given that that's nearly 100 patches, and the PostgreSQL project has only 20 committers, it means we need you to help us review patches.  Yes, you!  You don't have to be able to hack PostgreSQL code to review a patch; if you can apply a patch to source code and build PostgreSQL using "make", you can help.  More information here in How To Review A Patch.

If you want to help, but aren't sure what to review, please join the pgsql-rrreviewers mailing list and announce yourself there.  I will assign you a patch to review.

For those of you who are experienced reviewers or who have submitted a patch to this CommitFest, please note the following:
  1. If you submitted a patch to this CommitFest, you are expected to review at least one other person's patch.  Should you choose not to do so, the community will not be obligated to guarantee you a review of your patch.
  2. If you put your name down as a reviewer on a patch, and you don't post anything for 5 days, we will send you a reminder and take your name off the patch, to prevent you from blocking other reviewers.
  3. If your patch goes to "waiting on author" and you don't respond for 5 days, the patch will be Returned with Feedback.
Rules 2 and 3 are new per this year's developer meeting.  Thanks, and lets have a fast and productive CommitFest!


  1. No time wasted!!

    The links to the patches work on, but not from (looks like an extra url encoding).

  2. And the transparent table partitioning was left alone in the corner again. Maybe in the 10.0 version... :(

    1. Nobody is, AFAIK, working on that. If it's important to you, then maybe you should be -- either hacking, or fundraising.

  3. Josh, unfortunatly I don't have skills to hack and I don't have money to fundraising this because I think that is a huge work.
    What I'm talking about is that core team sometimes does not pay attention to certain "must have" features, like a simple form to do a table partitioning. But ok. I will continue to pray to see this in the future. ;)

    1. It's on the TODO list. But we're a community project; we don't have a large pool of full-time developers able to work on whatever they please. Doing better partitioning would require, I'd estimate, a full-time developer for at least a year, so it's not something anyone can do "in their spare time". So if it really matters to you, find a way to help make it happen.