Saturday, September 21, 2013

Free VMs for Reviewers

In case you somehow missed it, the second CommitFest for PostgreSQL 9.4 development is underway.  While we don't have quite as many patches in the queue as we had last time, we have quite a few, and more than we've had for any CF2 before.  This means we need as many reviewers as possible!

In order to make sure that nobody is prevented from reviewing due to not having a suitable development environment available, the PostgreSQL community is offering free virtual machines for reviewing and testing patches for this CommitFest.

If you want a VM for this purpose, please email me the following at any point during the CF:
  1. Your public SSH key.
  2. Which patch(es) you intend to review/test.
  3. Preference for CentOS or Ubuntu.
  4. When you expect to do the review.
Since these are EC2 virtual servers, they will not be suitable for performance testing.  However, if you want to review a replication patch, we can make multiple VMs available.  All VMs will be terminated at the end of the CF.

VMs will come equipped with all tools required to build PostgreSQL, plus a checkout of the PostgreSQL code from the beginning of the CF.  You may need to install additional requirements yourself if you are reviewing extensions or special features with dependencies.

Note that I may take a day to respond with your VM access.

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