Sunday, September 9, 2012

SFPUG Streaming: PostgreSQL 9.2

This Tuesday (7:15 PM PDT), we'll be broadcasting the SFPUG meeting live on JustinTV.   I'll be presenting "PostgreSQL 9.2: Full Throttle Database", showing off all the features of the new version which is coming out very soon.  If you can't make it to the meeting in person, then tune in and watch!

If you can make it to the meeting (RSVP here), or at least join the waiting list, then we've got a fun and exciting meeting lined up for you.  The meeting is hosted at the new Disqus offices, and we'll have beer and pizza (sponsored by, and cake (sponsored by EngineYard). 

We'll also have a fundraising auction with some of the best auction items ever, so bring your wallet and/or checkbook (checks, cash preferred):
Mark Wong's hand-crocheted blue elephant (one of these went for $500 at pgCon)

Linux skateboard, courtesy of The Linux Foundation.

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