Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Meet the newest member of the PostgreSQL community: MongoDB, Inc.

Well, this story is better told by the guy who broke it, John De Goes.

The TL;DR is that MongoDB will be shipping PostgreSQL as its "legacy BI connector" in version 3.2, using PostgreSQL+Multicorn FDW as a wrapper to connect SQL-based BI systems to Mongo.

I have two thoughts about this:
  1. Welcome to the PostgreSQL community, MongoDB staff!
  2. Multicorn?  I mean, not that Multicorn isn't great, but don't you think you should be using a C-based FDW driver for performance?
Anyway, hopefully the folks at MongoDB will put in a talk at pgNYC about this.  We're always keen to hear about creative uses of FDWs, and if this isn't one, I don't know what is.

PostgreSQL, The Center Of Your Dataverse™

(even if you're using Mongo)


  1. Interesting, in particular John De Geos's article.

    I feel his pain to a point, that point being this:

    "MongoDB should develop features that have significant value to Enterprise (such as ACID transactions, NVRAM storage engines, columnar storage engines, cross data center replication, etc.), and thoughtfully draw the line between Community and Enterprise. All in a way that gives developers the same capabilities across editions."

    Seems to be a recipe for a SQL database, so I am not sure why he finds MongoDB's decision surprising?

  2. That gentleman seems a bit vexed by this new feature.

  3. Quasar BI connector, C-based FDW for MongoDB.