Thursday, July 30, 2015

Texas Trip: DjangoCon and Postgres Open

This September, I will be having a great Texas adventure, and you're invited along. 

September 8-10, Austin: DjangoCon.US.   I will be presenting "PostgreSQL Performance in 15 Minutes" on the 9th. 

September 9th or 10th, Austin: I will speak at AustinPUG.  Date, location and exact topic still TBA.  Follow the AustinPUG Meetup, or check back here in a week for an update.

September 16-18, Dallas: Postgres Open:  I will be doing my Replication 101 tutorial, and then Explaining Explain.

September is a great time to be in Texas: temperatures are reasonable, Texans are friendly, and there's lots of great Mexican food and barbecue.  So, register for DjangoCon and/or Postgres Open today and join me!

Oh, and the photo? That's one of the hand-thrown DjangoCon pint cups I'm making as speaker gifts for DjangoCon.  Don't you wish you'd submitted a talk, now?

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