Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Conference Schedule

What follows is my conference travel schedule through the early summer.  I'm posting it so that local PUGs will know when I'm going to be nearby, in case you want me to come talk to your members.  Also, so folks can find me at conference booths everywhere.

This list is also for anyone who was unaware of the amount of Postgres content available this year at conferences everywhere.
  • SCALE, Los Angeles, this week: 2-day Postgres track, booth.  Use code "SPEAK" if you still haven't registered for a small discount.  I'm speaking on 9.4 (Friday), and PostgreSQL on AWS (Sunday).
  • March 10, Burlingame, CA: pgDay SF 2015 Running the event, and a lightning talk.
  • March 25-27, NYC, NY: pgConf NYC: speaking on PostgreSQL on PAAS: a comparison of all the big ones.
  • April 25-26, Bellingham, WA: LinuxFest NorthWest, tentatively.  Talks haven't been chosen yet.  If I go, I'll also be working a booth no doubt.  I understand there are plans to have a bunch of Postgres stuff at this event.
  • June 16-20, Ottawa, Canada: pgCon of course.
  • July 20-24, Portland, OR: OSCON (tentatively, talks not selected).  Postgres talk of some sort, and probably booth duty.
Now you know.

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