Thursday, January 29, 2015

pgCon Talk Review

It's that time again, I'm reviewing talks for pgCon.  If you didn't submit already ... well, it's too late.  Unless you want to do a workshop/tutorial, since it looks like we will have more workshop slots this year; if so, contact me.

The good news: submissions from people we don't normally see behind the podium at pgCon (Asians, South Americans, women, etc.) are up, so hopefully this will help make it a more diverse pgCon this year.

Now, the bad news: I am seeing the same issue I saw last year, which is long-time PostgreSQL community members submitting talks with a one or two line description.  Yes, we know you're a great person and know lots about Postgres.  But if we don't know what you're really going to talk about, we can't take it anyway, especially over other submitters who have carefully prepared a detailed description and thus shown that they plan to put time and effort into their talks.  If this is you, you can still log in and improve the description of your talk.

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