Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SFPUG Video on YouTube

TL;DR: SFPUG video available on YouTube, including streaming video tonight.  I need help converting old videos and making new ones.

First, we have a few SFPUG videos available on YouTube:
While JSONB Deep Dive was also recorded, there were issues with the audio, so I don't recommend watching it, sorry.

We will have streaming video for tonight's SFPUG, which will be on Postgres-XL.   Join the Google Event to get a link to the streaming video once it starts; expected start time is 7:15PM PST.

This brings me to the third thing, which is that I could use some help with video, in two areas:
  1. I desperately need someone to help take better-quality videos of SFPUG meetings, with better focus and sound.  Right now I'm using a Logitech webcam, and it's just not cutting it.  Video will need to be compatible with Google Hangouts, unless you have another plan for broadcasting.
  2. I have 7 or 8 videos of SFPUG meetings from 2013, including Tom Lane explaining the query planner, in FLV format.  I need someone to transcode these to a YouTube format and upload them.
If you can help, email me.  Thanks!


  1. If all that's needed to process those FLV videos is transcoding / uploading to YouTube, I guess I can manage that.

    Regarding the better-quality videos, I think the question is what quality are you shooting for. I'm not aware of a solution providing good quality and compatible with hangouts at the same time. So I'd recommend separating those two use-cases.

    Buy some good webcam (Microsoft LifeCam HD are great, IMHO) and use it for the Hangouts, or whatever video-conferencing solution you decide to use (e.g. fuze seems to be working quite fine for us). In any case, positioning the camera is important - e.g. in the cstore talk, the screen is impossible to read because of this.

    For recording, buy a real camcorder - a $250 will give you a decent camcorder, these days. If possible, use a lapel microphone - the sound is by far the most important thing on talks. If you can record the screen (even from hangouts), it's even better.

    I do this, and it's literally a 5-minute job to process this. It won't be a pro-grade quality, but it's good enough.

    1. Tomas:

      Well, we learned this week that Hangouts isn't a great solution, since we basically lost the video for this weeks' SFPUG.

      However, you're kind of missing the point of my plea: if doing better video is dependant on *me* doing stuff, it's not going to happen. I'm looking for another community member in SF to take this on.