Thursday, May 15, 2014

9.4 Beta, Postgres-XL, and pgCon Events

So, in case you somehow missed it, the PostgreSQL 9.4 Beta 1 is out.  Yaay!  Here's what I have to say about that:

libdata=# select title, 
    bookdata #> '{"publication_info", 0, "isbn"}' as isbn
from booksdata 
where bookdata @> '{ "publication_info" : [{"publisher": "Avon"} ] }'::jsonb 
order by bookdata #> '{"publication_info", 0, "price"}' DESC;

                 title                |    isbn    
 The Bewitched Viking                 | "0-06-201900-7"
 When a Scot Loves a Lady             | "0-06-213120-6"
 Eternal Prey                         | "0-06-201895-7"
 My Irresistible Earl                 | "0-06-173396-2"

Download the beta now and test it out!  Break it!  Tell us how you broke it!  It's a beta, and it's up to you to make sure that the final release is as robust as possible.

Speaking of betas, there's a new new open source big data option on the block: Postgres-XL.  This is a fork of PostgresXC, which supposedly resolves the blockers which have kept PostgresXC from being ready for production use.  I look forward to trying it out when I get a chance.

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone about the Clustering Summit, the PostgresXC Pizza Demo, and the Unconference at pgCon next week.   Especially, I still need two assistants to help me with the unconference.  Email me at if you're available to help with setup at the unconference.


  1. Postgres-XL looks pretty cool. It's too bad it's almost two years behind the latest release.

    I am definitely looking forward to 9.4 though. Lots of cool stuff I've been waiting for.

  2. Point taken, Shaun. We will get there, but even with the current base, having some kind of scale out option should prove useful. I agree that 9.4 would be particularly exciting, having a more powerful distributed JSON key-value store.

    1. Oh, I'm not saying it's not a great advance. In fact, if/when it got to 9.3, I would even advocate our org switch to it. Unfortunately we're kinda saddled with EDB for now.

  3. So where are the Linux (Redhat) binaries of 9.4beta1?
    I can only see Solaris binaries.
    Or are we supposed to build it from source?

    1. If you got to the Downloads page, it has a link to, which is how you get RH packages.