Sunday, April 27, 2014

Second Unconference Day at PgCon

We will be having our second annual PostgreSQL Unconference on the Saturday after pgCon.  For those of you who weren't there last year, the wiki explains what you do on an unconference day.  We are able to hold this again thanks to the generous sponsorship of, who continue to support PostgreSQL development.

While the Unconference will be mostly organized at 10am that day, you can get a jump on other session proposers by adding your session proposals to the wiki.  These session ideas will be allowed to first during the pitch session.  I also urge folks who will be attending the Unconference to put your names by session ideas you'd like to attend.

I also need the help of two volunteers to help me with organizing the Unconference on the day of.  This will not prevent you from attending and/or leading sessions; I just need some folks to help me put up signs, organize the schedule, and make sure that notes get taken in each session.  Contact me if you are available to help with this.

Unfortunately, if you weren't already planning to attend the unconference, it's probably too late to change your travel plans; Saturday night rooms in Ottawa are pretty much unavailable due to the marathon.

P.S. if you're into replication and clustering, don't miss the 2014 Clustering Summit and the PostgresXC Pizza Demo on Tuesday of pgCon week!  (the Pizza demo will be at 7pm, location TBD).

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  1. I have access to a few rooms near the airport on the night of the Unconference.