Friday, February 28, 2014

Keep Calm with the PostgreSQL Zazzle Store

The Keep Calm Just Use PostgreSQL shirt is now up at the PostgreSQL Zazzle store.  Didn't know we had a Zazzle store?  Most people don't, we don't advertise it much.

I've put a number of things up there, including:
I've left the customization buttons on, so that you can change style, size, and items you want your PostgreSQL propaganda on.  20% of all purchases is a donation to PostgreSQL; most of that goes towards buying gear for PostgreSQL trade show booth volunteers.  And yes, I've provided a few examples of swag on women's sizes.

Since this is Zazzle, it's really only good for PostgreSQL users in the USA, though.  I understand that the Europeans have their own swag store; hopefully one will post a link in the comments.

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