Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Speaker Boot Camp at LinuxCon

Are you technically expert but locutionarily inept?  Are you giving your first or second talk this year?  Do you present frequently, but don't feel like you're "connecting" with your audience?  Are you going to LinuxCon in New Orleans?

Then you should attend the Give a Great Tech Talk workshop the evening before LinuxCon.  It's a sort of "speaker boot camp"; if you are speaking at LinuxCon, or better are attending LinuxCon and planning to speak at other conferences in 2013-2014, you should consider attending.

So that speakers can have coaching before the beginning of the conference, the session will be from 5pm to 8:30pm on Sunday the 15th (concurrent with the Meet and Greet), before the start of LinuxCon, at the Hyatt.  The Linux Foundation will provide food.  Join us and learn to deliver a better talk!

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