Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First-ever pgCon Unconference: Success

Our first-ever unconference at pgCon was a smashing success this year, greatly enhancing collaboration and development for the upcoming versions of PostgreSQL.  Among other things, I think we got a specification for pluggable storage out of it, which is far beyond anything I'd expected.  Were you there?  How did you like it?  Give your feedback in the comments.

About 75 people attended, and hashed various topics out in 12 discussion sessions. These included expanding PostgreSQL testing, creating demo databases, enhancing full text search, upcoming JSON features, pg_upgrade, and of course the two-part Pluggable Storage/Foreign Data Wrapper discussion.  Anyway, it's all on the wiki if you missed it.

We're definitely doing one next year, so plan to stay an extra day at pgCon. 

I thank the following people for making the first unconference a success:, our unconference sponsor;  Stacey Haysler, Nikhil Sontakke, Susanne Ebrecht, Hartmut and Ian Barwick for helping to run the event; and Dan Langille, conference organizer.  Thank you folks!

Yes, I know the Unconference was almost two weeks ago, but I lost my phone in Ottawa and this is the first I could get pictures up.


  1. Is your camera phone broken? The images look too pink.

    1. Probably I didn't have it on the right lighting setting.