Friday, March 22, 2013

Speaker training at Linux Collab, LinuxCon

Are you a first-time speaker?  Have you noticed most of the audience checking their email during your talks?  Are you speaking to a mostly-empty room, and not getting invited back to conferences?  Do you walk out of the room thinking "that could have gone better"?  Are you a brilliant technology inventor, yet at a loss when standing in front of an audience?  Are you just regularly speaking at conferences, but have never attended a speaker training before?

If the answer to any of the above is "yes", then you need to attend my speaker training at the Linux Collab Summit or at LinuxCon this year.  I'll be reprising "Give A Great Tech Talk", the speaker training Ian Dees and I developed for Open Source Bridge -- with some improvements, additions and advances, of course!  This session is strongly recommended for all new speakers by the Linux Foundation, and even experienced speakers can pick up a few useful tips.

Since we'll have a longer timeslot for this than we did at Open Source Bridge, I'll be doing more audience exercises.  If you're attending, please bring your notes and slides for some of your own presentations, and we'll work on them.

See you there.

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