Friday, January 11, 2013

Registration now open for PyPgDay

Registration is open now for the PyPgDay.  Register early and register often!

We are also still looking for speakers and sponsors.

In addition to giving you access to a solid day of PostgreSQL, PostGIS and Python development content, your registration fee gets you a cool tshirt custom-designed for the PyPgDay and priority access to the afterparty.  Early registration rates are in effect through February 28.  We will have a full schedule for the PyPgDay up sometime in mid-February.

Yes, we are requiring a paid registration for this event.  One reason for that is that PyPgDay is not free for SFPUG: we need to pay for room rental, catering, A/V, insurance, staffing and other expenses.  More importantly, we've found that free registrations are not reliable, and we expect that the event may sell out.  Event volunteers and speakers, of course, may attend the PyPgDay for free.

Net proceeds from the event will be split between PostgreSQL.US (a 501(c)3 nonprofit supporting the PostgreSQL community) and the SFPUG Meetings Fund. 

Also, before anyone asks:  No, PyCon is not underwriting the cost of the PyPgDay.  Frankly, we didn't even ask them to: they are non-profit, same as us, and they have their own project to support.