Thursday, August 9, 2012

See you in Chicago!

Just bought my plane tickets for Postgres Open in Chicago.  I'm really looking forward to this one, which will be even more user/application-developer-oriented than the first Postgres Open.  We have a keynote by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, the founder of Django, and talks by staff from Heroku, Engineyard, Evergreen, and Paul Ramsey of PostGIS, as well as some of the usual suspects.  Register and buy a plane ticket now!  There's still time!

I'll be presenting an updated version of my PostgreSQL for data warehousing talk, Super Jumbo Deluxe.  My coworker Christophe will do PostgreSQL When It's Not Your Job.

Chicago is a great city to visit, too, and September is a good time to be there weather-wise.   It's generally sunny and pleasant but not too warm, and the flying spiders are gone.  There's tons of museums and world-renowned restaurants.  In fact, I'm bringing Kris this year.

Oh, and there's still Sponsorship slots open, hint, hint.

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