Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Video SFPUG June 13: Build Your Application Inside Postgres

Tommorrow night ( June 13th, 7:15PM PDT ) Leon Starr will be presenting "Building Your Application Inside PostgreSQL" for the San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group.  As usual, this SFPUG will be broadcast live on video.

In Leon's words, the presentation will be about:
Leon Starr has built a full featured open source Executable UML model editor entirely in plpgsql. WHY? Leon presents the case for building a tightly constrained schema and letting the RDBMS do the heavy logic lifting. Code patterns will be presented where object and db principles are intertwined with an eye toward deriving the best of both worlds. Naturally, plpgsql has its limitations as does the presenter who is relatively new to the language. You are invited to poke fun at his novice coding techniques and weigh in with your experiences and thoughts regarding the appropriateness of stored procedures vs. conventional code.
We have a new broadcaster, JustinTV, who is also physically hosting the event.  JustinTV runs on  PostgreSQL so they're going to be our live streaming of choice for the forseeable future.  I also have a new webcam, so hopefully video quality will be better than last time.


  1. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.
    Download it from Adobe.

    I think the justin.tv guy needs to work on open standards a bit more...

  2. Is there any archive where this video is still available?