Friday, June 22, 2012

PostgreSQL Wants Your Submission

So there's three Calls For Papers right now which need/want more PostgreSQL speakers: Postgres Open, PostgreSQL Europe, and LinuxConf AU.

Postgres Open's deadline is June 26th, so please submit something soon.  We're looking for case studies, new innovations, howtos and other talks.  Postgres Open is for PostgreSQL's business and user community, so commercial forks and products are welcome.  You can also sponsor!

PostgreSQL Europe will be in Prague this year.  This will mean higher-than-usual attendance; I'm submitting a talk for the first time in 3 years.  You should, too!

LinuxConf Australia wants more PostgreSQL talks!  Please submit one.  If we can get enough PostgreSQL people there -- especially PostgreSQL people from Australia -- we could hold a miniconf. (As a warning, though, travel sponsorships are limited).


  1. Does PostgreSQL require submission or will it accept contribution without it? ;-)

    1. I am confused. Are you asking if you can submit without completed slides? I don't know of any conference that requires that anymore.

  2. That would be PostgreSQL Conference Europe that is in Prague this year. PostgreSQL Europe is, and remains, all over europe ;)

  3. do you required slides of the talk before june 26?


  4. Shame LinuxConf Australia doesn't have more sponsorships, especially since it is on an isolated continent.