Thursday, May 3, 2012

SELECT fire_proton_torpedoes();

At pgCon this year you will have the chance to reduce your fellow attendees to their component elements, and win prizes for it!

We will be having a Schemaverse tournament for the length of the conference.  Schemaverse is an amazing game which demonstrates that PostgreSQL isn't just a database, it's an entire development environment.  You build a fleet of starships, fight battles, take planets, trade, and conquer the galaxy ... all from the psql command line.  Write PL/pgSQL functions to command your armies!

To make things even more interesting, if you can hack into the Postgres server, you can win the game.

The Schemaverse tournament will begin Wednesday night and end shortly before the closing session at pgCon.  The winner will get some one-of-a-kind PostgreSQL and Schemaverse swag, and even runners up will get posters or tshirts.

If you've already registered for pgCon, look for email from Dan Langille about how to sign up for the tournament.  In the meantime, get over to the Schemaverse website and practice your space battle skills to get ready for the big event.

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